1. Change The Block

When a new block goes down, tap it to change its position, the trail will also change for you to arrange the place of the block.

2. Fast Movement

By tapping and holding the block, you can make it go down faster. But be careful, you need to stabilize your tower!

3. Stay Between the Walls

You need to put your blocks on the platform carefully, if they fall from the platform or the previous blocks, you will lose the game.

4. Stabilize Your Tower

Create a solid wall by carefully placing your blocks. Try to make a straight base for your next blocks. Don’t forget, you are building this tower together, use your opponent’s moves for your own blocks!

1. Aim

Put your finger on your ball and flick it into the other side. When your ball enters and stays in the opponent’s zone, you will earn 1 point.

2. Set Your Speed

If you flick your ball too fast, your opponent will earn points. And if you flick your ball too slow, the ball will not pass to your target zone. Therefore, you must flick them carefully.

3. Use your environment

You can bounce your balls into the walls and hit other balls by aiming carefully.

4. End it!

When all balls are used, the game is over. Send as many balls as you can into your opponents field. Gain more points than your opponent and be the winner!

1. Throw the dice

Tap the button and move accordingly. If it comes up double, move 2 extra times.

2. Move the checkers

A checker can be moved to any point that is vacant, or one that is occupied by your own checkers, 

3. Break and get into the board

You can move into the point in which one opponent checker is, and break it. Wait for the right number to get into the board again.

4. Finish the game

Bring all your checkers into your board and win by collecting them faster.

1.Gather the cookies together

When it’s your turn, find more than 2 cookies near each other

2.Align them

Your cookies must be already in line with only one piece missing.

3.Crush all of the candies

Move your outside cookie into the line. And watch!

4.Finish the game

Once you cleared all your area, you will win. You can track it on your game screen.

1. Align The Ball

Position your ball by moving it to left or right, making sure that keeping the ball in the area.

2. Shoot It!

Once you align your ball, aim for the pins and adjust your finger speed then shoot the ball.

3. Tilt Your Phone

When you shoot your ball, you can give directions to it by tilting your phone left or right.

4. Clear the Pins

And finally, clear all the pins in two rounds. If you clear it in one shot, this is called strike, and if you clear all in second round, this is called spare. Just clear all and stay away from gutters!

5. Stay away from gutters

Once your ball goes into the gutter, you lose one hand.